Making Filmjölk

I loved and missed the wonderful filmjölk in Sweden. There is a product available here from Siggi’s and available at Whole Foods, but it is non-fat and heavily sugared and flavored and I just didn’t like it.


Then Andrea Larson told me Bob Mills was making it with whole milk. So I used a recipe from when I made yogurt and it worked beautifully.



Filmjölk with some oats and a raspberry on top


Here's my complete breakfast on the deck. I'm also making kanelbullar.

Here’s my complete breakfast on the deck. I’m also making kanelbullar.

Here’s how I am doing it:

Heat 2.5 Cups milk to 180 deg F (use temperature probe with alarm)
Let cool to 110 to 115 deg F. Can accelerate in an ice bath, stirring and measuring temperature.
Stir in filmjölk starter (3 Tbsp commercial filmjölk (Siggi’s) or prior filmjölk I made)
Put into jars.
Incubate in cooler 8 hours to overnight together with a jar of hot/warm water.

Note the dog nose and pink tongue. He wants some.

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  1. Sonia, i’m glad you’re liking this — i do it even simpler!

    just put 2 tbs filmjölk in a mason jar or similar, fill the rest of the way with whole organic milk. let sit on the counter for 1 day (at 70-75f) or more if cooler. done.

    even simpler: when you’re done with a bottle of Siggi’s, just fill with milk, let sit as above.

  2. Ooh, that is simpler, thanks Bob!

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